Dark & Empty Plughole

I had to spend a day in Sheffield this week, so i thought id set off early and catch the sunrise at Mam-tor despite the weather forecast of grey, grey and more grey.  When i arrived it was clear that there would indeed be no sun rise - just clouds getting lighter.  I decided to drive on and get breakfast thinking i'd make the most of the journey home and photograph one of the overspills(plughole) at lady bower Reservoir.

It would seem the Peak district conspired against me, i finished work late and so arrived just after sunset with the light and temperature dropping fast.  I made my way from the car to the spot i'd scoped out using good old google maps.

To my horror there was barely any water flowing into the overspill, but since i was already there i decided to find a composition i could use the next time i visit.

The light was dropping quickly so no opportunity to try out the brand new little stopper :( but there was a lot of contrast in the scene so i did get to use the graduated filter for the first time :)

I set up, waited for the ducks to move out of the way and took my shots.

The left image is ISO 100, F11, 8 Second Exposure, straight out of camera.

The right image is ISO 100, F11, 119 Second Exposure, .6 Lee Filters ND Grad, Hoya polariser and has lightroom adjustments.

I'm not really happy with the final results, but i'll go back when it's been throwing it down for a few days.