Kynance Cove

Go to Kynance Cove, you will Love it!
— Everyone we met
Kynance Cove.jpg

My words and photos  simply cannot do justice to this place.

We arrived at the turn of the tide. I had seen pictures before our arrival and knew i had to take the family while on holiday in Cornwall. We pulled into the car park wondering if we were in the right place with that train of thought as we descended the cliffs.

we arrived at the bottom somewhat underwhelmed, a small cafe and a pile of rocks. The disappointment was written all over the faces of the kids as they slumped on the a nearby rock. we went to the cafe for ice cream, i was thinking me may need to escape and salvage the day elsewhere but people were pouring in from the cliffside and clearly kitted out for the day.

As we sat eating our 99’s and drinking the cola i noticed a set of steps going back up elsewhere. we wondered up after finishing up to take a look around and all became clear. As the sea retreated the beach came rising out of the water. fresh white sand just rising out of the water waiting to used. This new beach looked to be cut off from the cafe but the tide continued retreating until a passageway appeared.

You can see the water line on the pictures below. It’s absolutely a magical place. We shall return!