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An Evening at Rivington Pike: Illuminating World Drowning Prevention Day 2023

Walking hand in hand with my wife, we embarked on a serene journey to Rivington Pike, a picturesque hill in Lancashire. Little did we know that this ordinary outing would turn into a touching experience, as we stumbled upon a mesmerizing sight: the hilltop was bathed in blue light, all for a crucial cause.

World Drowning Prevention Day 2023 had inspired the illumination, aimed at raising awareness to prevent young people from drowning in open water. The sight of Rivington Pike draped in blue not only captivated our senses but also resonated deeply with our hearts. As we paused to absorb the significance of this event, we felt privileged to be a part of such a meaningful moment.


he blue glow serving as a poignant backdrop. Sharing it with our friends and family, we hoped to amplify the message and encourage more people to join the mission of saving young lives from drowning accidents.

We began our descent back to the car, but the experience stayed with us. It sparked a commitment to promote water safety in our community and support organizations dedicated to this cause.

Walking down the hill, we cherished the memory of this unique evening, vowing to be more vigilant and proactive in spreading awareness.

As we drove away, the illuminated Rivington Pike remained etched in our minds, a poignant reminder of how a simple evening stroll turned into a meaningful tribute to young lives lost too soon. It was a night that nudged us to remember that every action, no matter how small, can contribute to a safer world for our future generations.

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