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Spur of the moment roadside park and shoot

I was driving home from Sheffield this evening, approaching Lady bower Reservoir when the sky began to to turn pink so of course I had to stop and take some photos.

I got to see the plughole overflow on the reservoir. This is when the water level is so high that it spills over these huge holes that look like plugholes. They are actually called shaft spillways and they create these awesome vortexes of water.

It's been on the list for a while and I was lucky enough to capture some shots of the plughole overflow with water running into it AND a lovely pink sky in the background. It was a stunning contrast of colors and shapes.

I don't use the 16-35mm lens that often but this was shot at 16mm and isn't cropped so I'm really happy with how they turned out and wouldn't have been able to take the shot with my usual longer lens.

Shot Below - Canon5D Mark 4, 16mm F8 3.2 Seconds

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