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Welcome the Milkyway back to UK Skies at Castlerigg Stone Circle in the Lake District

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Timelapse of the Milky way moving accross the sky.

The weather forecast for last night was again clear so i made my way back up the M6 and back to Castlerigg Stone Circle and this time was armed with the correct gear to use the star tracker. Milky Way Panorama From Castlerigg with the Milky Way Core over the Helvellyn range in the south east, Blencathra in the North.

When processing this Panorama, i noticed a glow coming from behind Blencathra. while it was not visible to the naked eye, it is a feint Aurora. You can aslo make out Andromeda placed nicely over the top of the mountain. this is the view facing north East from castlerigg

In photography circles there is a saying that "Gear Doesn't matter" well actually at a certain point it does. The photo below is 15 images of the sky and two images of the ground blended together but taken at the same place and time. i used the #kase #starglow filter to help enhange the stars. The sky images were tracked using a #moveshootmove tracker for two minutes shot at 24mm, f2, iso 640 and then stacked in Sequator. The two ground images and the sky images were then blended in photoshop.

Thanks to the #Photopills app whick allowed me to know where and when the milky way core would be in the sky for get this shot.

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