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An Autumn Afternoon at Rydal Water

Sometimes you don't fancy dragging yourself to the top of a hill or Mountain. All you want is a nice refeshing short walk and gorgeus scenry. The Loop around Rydal Water provides just that.

We Parked at The White Moss car park which is £2 per hour.

There are toilets there and the carpark fills up quickly so it's best to get there early.

Heading off the Rydal Mount in search of 'The Grot' everyone else was headed the other way as if there were some one way system in place that i wasn't aware of.

The foliage on slopes of Loughrigg Fell were catching the low autumn sun providing beautiful views across the water as we made out way along the base of Nab Scar.

The Obligatory Money Tree at the side of the path.

Upon arrival at Rydal Mount we headed towards the sound of running water and found The Grot which i'm happy to say lived up to expectation.

Canon 6D, F10, 1 Secon, ISO100, LEE Circular Polariser.

After admiring the view and managing to get inside the grot just before it was locked for the evening we had a short coffee break before heading back to the car.

i will be looking for some more time inside on the next visit to make some special portraits.

We headed down to Rydal Water for the return along the south Shore. Along the way there was some Terifying tree art

The River Rothay was fast flowing and swolen due to the recent rainfall and by this time the sun had dipped behind Loughrigg Fell causing the light and temperature to sharply drop. this made the missus and kids extra keen to get into Ambleside for a hot drink so we hussled quite quickly back taking the briefest of moments to point the camera at the Boat House as we passed. The breeze had picked up ruining any chance of reflections which while dissapointing at the time only means i have another reason to come back.


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