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Blea Tarn location Scout

Lockdown has eased. Us lot in the Uk are now able to go outside and travel as long as we still practice dicicl distancing. The kids are off School, i’m still off work and my return from Furlough keeps getting pushed further back. The weather is glorious!

Only an hour away from my front door is the English Lake district (and besides, the car hasn’t been used fro 2 months so it clearly needs a good run before i forget how to drive)

Picnic packed, off we go.

I’ve wanted to shoot a sunrise at Blea tarn for ages purely based on seeing other’s photo’s of the place. So today is my location scout day.

We headed in from the south through Little Langdale. i found the road up there to be a little sketchy and i’m glad it was quiet, only cyclist to contend with and he was quite happy to move out the way when the road allowed.

It’s a beautiful little part of the world. we parked at the national trust car park just over the road(Free for members, £7 a day for non members)

The kids were more than happy paddling while i went for a little wonder round and have demanded that we bring wetsuits next time so they can go for a swim.

A 1/2 hour walk takes you around the tarn through a small woods and along a path that brings you back to the road. from here there is the option to carry on and go up side or just admire the view of the Langdale Valley.

I chose the view on this occasion as i hadn’t intended to leave for so long.

Coming back to Blea Tarn, there is a little bridge where the tarn outlets. the reflection of the tree and the crystal clear water caught my eye.

i think i found where i would stand for a sunrise, but i suppose you never know until you get there. the spot might already be taken. i suspect it’s a popular spot for sunrise photographers.

I’ll leave you with my location scouted image. i can’t wait for conditions to be right for a return.

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