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Catbells, Sunrise and an unexpected Temperature Inversion

Very Early on Saturday, I embarked on an incredible adventure up to the summit of Catbells. The morning was shrouded in an unexpected thick fog, which added an air of mystery and excitement to the journey ahead. As I ascended the trail, the mist enveloped me, creating an ethereal atmosphere that intensified my anticipation. Despite the limited visibility, I pressed on, fueled by the invigorating scent of damp earth and the promise of breathtaking views. With each step, I felt a growing sense of accomplishment. The world around me transformed into a hazy landscape, with fleeting glimpses of the rugged terrain. After a challenging ascent, I finally reached the summit. To my amazement, I found myself standing above the fog line, surrounded by a blanket of white beneath me. As I looked out, a temperature inversion unfolded before my eyes, a phenomenon where warmer air rests above cooler air. It was as if I had entered a surreal realm, with the fog acting as a mystical carpet stretching as far as the eye could see. With a sense of awe, I settled down to enjoy my well-deserved breakfast and savor a steaming cup of coffee. The combination of the serene foggy surroundings and the warmth of the beverage created a moment of pure bliss.

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