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Funky Clouds @ Perch Rock

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

24mm F11 2secs ISo100

A recent evening stroll on the beach rewarded me with this image. Sunset looked promising, i was hoping the sky would light up with the setting sun however an hour beforehand clouds moved in. I got talking to another photographer on the beach clearly with the same plan. He was packing up when i got there because there wasn’t going to be a sunset. In agreement i decided to to have wonder around and look for future compositions. As the sun passed down over the horizon the light changed, this spectacular bank of cloud moved in and i had change of plan. It was over with in minutes and im glad i stayed around for it.

I’ve had some people ask how it was shot so i decided this would be a good starting point for my youtube tutorial series.

Hit the play button to watch the video and check my youtube channel for more videos coming soon.


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