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Llanddwyn Island / Ynys Llanddwyn

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Down at the bottom left of anglesey is a beautiful part of the world. Just beyond Newborough Forest lies a gorgeous stretch of beach and island. ( it really is an island, check the tide times before you go) -

It’s £5 a day for parking

There is a decent toilet block

BBQ area, loads of benches and sand dunes.

we left around 6.30pm and the barriers of the car park were up, I’m not sure if they stay up all night for evening visits.

It was my birthday, we had been housebound for weeks with terrible weather so i just wanted to get out of the house and point my camera at something.

The late afternoon forecast was promising for Anglesey but something approaching Mordor for the rest of North Wales. we had driven through some quite miserable rain on the coast. it stopped raining about 5 miles out but we were thinking we might not even get out out of the car.

As we headed along the short boardwalk to the beach the wind made itself known. we got sandblasted until we cleared the dry sand. - the kids were less than happy about the situation.

There is a section of steep dunes with i suppose graffiti etched into it, we had to join in.

By this point the little one had stolen my Brand New, very warm but daft looking Birthday hat. Only that morning, i’d been told that she’d rather not be seen in public with me in THAT hat. - Now it seems i have to buy her one :)

I had checked and high tide was 13.50. We arrived around 14.30 it took us an hour to walk to the start of Llanddwyn island including messing around. The Island was still cut off at 16.00 at which point a couple came striding barefoot across. There did look to be a few people on the island, they must have been stranded over there since the last low tide.

These two must have decided they couldn’t wait any longer to get back.

Cold Feet

I chanced it at around 16.15 while there was still a small stream as the sun was now poking through the clouds just as the weather promised and i wanted to get in position.

The rest of them join me about 10 minutes later to watch the sun go down.

30 Seconds Exposure, F11, Lee Little Stopper, Lee .09 Medium Grad, Lee Landscape Polariser


The 3 Files used in the you tube tutorial can be accessed in the .zip file below if you want to follow it through using the same files.

Download ZIP • 131.20MB

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