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Temperature Inversion in the Lake District

On the Morning of Sunday 19th December 2021 much of the UK woke up to Fog. Where i live it was think and everything was clagged up. I even sent the drone up to see aboe it but at max altitude(120 Meters) it was still thick.

I started checking the weather and webcams to see where we could go for a walk in the afternoon and the Lake District started to look very appealing by lunch time.

The sun sets before 4pm at this time of year so we chose Gummers How near the southern tip of Windermere.

The Scene that greeted us was nothing short of breathtaking.

The Car Park is at 200 meters above sea level so we were already emerging from the mist. The summit of Gummers How is a modest 321 Meters and only 1/2 hours walk from the car. the views were improving with every step.

My Eye kept getting pulled towards the Ulverston Hoad, as one gent up there said;"The Hoad looks BOSS sticking out of the fog like tht"

we arrived at the summit around an hour before sunset and the light jsut kept getting better.

After watching the sun dip behind the horizon we finished the snacks and Hot chocolate and headed back down to the car.

The after glow was the gift that kept on giving withe sky burning yellow and orange for quite some time.

I checked on the photopills app for the location of the milky way and if not for the full moon rising our home galaxy would have been visible. So that's for another day.

Thanks for reading this far.

Here's a ahort video from this spectacular afternoon. It's best watched on a large TV to appriciate the scale of the inversion.

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