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The Biggest Waterfall.

Over half term a friend visited this place.  It looked so impressive on the video he took that i had to visit at the next opportunity .

It's much more impressive when you see it first hand and boasts the tallest single drop waterfall of 80Metres of 240ft.

In the car park The external temperature gauge in the car said it was +1.5 degrees.  

The gentle breeze then came along and it felt quite a bit cooler.

We decided to walk to the top of the falls.   There is a short signposted walk of around 1/2 a mile. Most of the path is sheltered from the sun at this time of year so there are ice sheets on the way up where you can see the water running underneath.

At the top the wind was causing blowback and the whole place was covered in ice.  I did get the camera out, but not for long as my daughter was turning blue.


It was while putting things away that we encountered mr & mrs inappropriately dressed.  He was in Jeans, trainers and a bomber jacket.  She was in a dress and pumps... Shivering.  We said hello as you do on the hills, they took a selfie and promptly left :)

It was a good scouting trip and i did take the opportunity to learn how to create a cinemagraph.

I shall return when it's paddling season.

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